Update on 1st gathering as part of mediation

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Update on 1st gathering as part of mediation

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On Sat 25th June Lia Shimada hosted, with central involvement from Robert Totterdell, a small gathering of some of the victims of sexual abuse. This gathering, which was held in London, emerged from the 'Listening Exercise' that formed the first phase of the Reconciliation process. The gathering offered a safe place where people could meet and share thoughts, feelings and emotions. Rob has talked often over the years, at meetings with CH, about the need to feel that 'you are not alone'. Practical & thoughtful information was shared by people who had gone through the Police process and who had felt very alone. Everyone reflected back at the end of the event that this had been helpful and important.

It is planned to hold further events and broaden the invitation to include those who have not gone to/cannot go through the Court process. Future gatherings will also include other people, such as family, friends, colleagues, who may have been caught up in the abuse issues at CH. Alongside these practical events the Reconciliation group continues to explore ways of moving forward, including the creation of a service for support and accompaniment as needed in the future for victims and those affected. We will continue to provide regular updates.
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