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Canasg Music Publishing

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Possibly of interest to Old Blues (and others) who direct or sing in choirs: Canasg Music publishes music for choirs and groups of singers, mostly a cappella. The music is almost all by living composers, and not available elsewhere.

Canasg is a small business with three partners, one China, one in America, and one (me) in the UK. We've been operating for very nearly fourteen years.

Our web site lists around 200 pieces, and lets you see the complete score for every one of them before you buy. You can even print off a perusal copy, free, if you like.

We've got a good Scottish section in our catalogue, and if you fancy getting up a song for Burns Night, there's still time to buy and rehearse it before the 25th.

We deliver the music in the form of PDF files, from which you may print as many copies as you want, as often as you like. We charge according to the number of singers in the group. The condition is that the copies are exclusively for the use of the group that buys the music, and we ask that you don't lend, hire, give or sell copies on paper or in digital form to anybody else. This is different from most other publishers, who will sell you a fixed number of copies, or a licence to print a fixed number, at a specific price per copy - and tell you that any further copying is illegal.

There's also information here on the deal that we offer to composers, which is more generous than conventional paper publishers. For example, we don't take over the copyright of the pieces that we publish, and we currently share 30% of the price of every sale between the composer and any other rights holders.

If anybody would like to submit something for us to consider publishing, I should mention that we don't publish recordings and we don't do pop music. To see what kind of thing we sell, just take a look at our site.
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