CHA Merchandise / Memorabilia - your opinions are needed...

Air your views regarding the CH Old Blues' Association, what it's delivering and what it should/could deliver. A chance to get your voice heard on what you'd like from YOUR Association...

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Re: CHA Merchandise / Memorabilia - your opinions are needed...

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Like Philip I find the Hertford posts fascinating.

The description is really evovative.
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Re: CHA Merchandise / Memorabilia - your opinions are needed...

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I get the impression we punch "above our weight" on here.
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Sorry for replying on an old thread, but I was looking for a description of the CH coat of arms and found this very helpful:
Foureyes wrote:Just for the record, I have done a bit of delving and the correct description of the Christ's Hospital coat-of-arms is:
"...argent, a cross gules in the dexter chief, a dagger of the first on a chief azure between two fleurs-de-lis, or, a rose argent."
Well, that has settled that!
It did get me thinking: Does anyone know when the School started using a coat of arms featuring a yellow rose as opposed to the white one mentioned above? I wonder if this is a deliberate decision or just a mistake that has gone so far unnoticed. As I imagine the answer is the former, does anyone have any idea of the reasoning behind it?
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