Drugs in sport

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Drugs in sport

Post by sejintenej » Fri Dec 15, 2017 6:17 pm

Most games at CH (rugby union as an example) are run under the regulations of the relevent organisation and most if not all have strict rules regarding drugs. I was one of many, perhaps thousands of, pupils with asthma and with asthma even walking to the loo can be difficult during an attack which can last weeks

The Chris Froome affair raises a question. He took ventolin (the bog-standard norm) inhaler under doctor's orders for his well known asthma and lost his winning place for that reason. Does CH actively prevent pupils taking part in sporting activities (in accordance with the relative sport's regulations) if they need to use medicines which could/ do breach those regulations? How many teachers actually know the limits acceptable to each sport? Do they have the equipment to check drug levels to ensure that pupils playing rugby do not breach the national (?international) regulations? What do they do as an alternative for pupils who, through no fault of their own, are prohibited from playing such sports? Alternatively does the school refuse to accept otherwise acceptable pupils because they have such (controlable) conditions?

You might argue that in games between houses it doesn't matter but what if another school complains that CH has fielded a steroid laden overgrown gigantesque rugby team?

In my case it took many many years to even get diagnosed and no less than 12 years to get an effective treatment (ventolin / salbutemol and most of the alternatives do not work for me) - I would certainly be over any sports limit any day of my current life
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